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9065Academic PsychiatryMental Health Research in the Era of Competing Crises(LIVE)
9038Academic PsychiatryHere’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry: Career Transitions in Academic Psychiatry(LIVE)
9127Academic PsychiatryPrediction of Disease Vulnerability and Treatment Response in Mood Disorders and PTSD: Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry(LIVE)
9046Academic PsychiatryIs Psychiatry’s Identity in Crisis? Implications for Residency Education(LIVE)
1389Academic PsychiatryDecolonizing Psychiatry: Listening to and Learning From Case Discussions(LIVE)
1206Academic PsychiatryTriple Threat: Young, Female, Professional-The Experiences of Young Female Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Academic Medicine(LIVE)
1310Addiction PsychiatryCannabis: Clearing the Smoke on Cannabis Use Disorder(LIVE)
9086Addiction PsychiatryCollision of the Opioid Crisis and the Covid-19 Pandemic(LIVE)
9101Addiction PsychiatryFacing the Challenge of Cannabis Legalization: Psychiatry’s Role(LIVE)
9033Addiction PsychiatryCannabis and Psychosis: Population, Neurobiological, and Treatment Services Perspectives(LIVE)
1085Administrative PsychiatryA New Narrative for Behavioral Health: Eliminating Defects and Promoting Value(LIVE)
1026Administrative PsychiatryThe Benefits and Challenges of Assuming Leadership Roles: A Workshop for Residents, Fellows and Early Career Psychiatrists(LIVE)
9138Administrative PsychiatryThe Physician Leadership Journey: Roadmaps and Potholes(LIVE)
9079Administrative PsychiatryPresidencies: What They Taught Us(LIVE)
AM615Administrative PsychiatrySupporting Medical Directors in Behavioral Health Clinics(LIVE)
9159Administrative PsychiatrySAMHSA Priorities(LIVE)
9158Administrative PsychiatryAMA COVID-19 Response
9168Administrative PsychiatryBuilding and Retaining an Effective CSC Peer Workforce: The Vision, the Reality, and the Solution
9175Administrative PsychiatryProviding Crisis and Assessment Services Remotely
1344AIDS and HIVDelivering HIV Prevention and Care to Transgender People: An Update(LIVE)
1252Anxiety DisordersWe’re So Anxious!! Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned in the Management of Anxiety in Older Adults(LIVE)
9135Autism Spectrum DisordersRefining Translational Medicine Efforts in Neurodevelopmental Disorders(LIVE)
1330Biological PsychiatryWindow to the Mind: Clinical Implications of Visual System Impairment in Psychosis(LIVE)
1445Biological PsychiatryNutritional Interventions in Psychiatry: What Is the Evidence?(LIVE)
9128Bipolar and Related DisordersToward Personalized Psychiatry: Individual Risk of Developing and Having Recurrent Manic Episodes – 20-Year Prospective Studies(LIVE)
9091Child and Adolescent PsychiatryAACAP’s 2021 Initiatives(LIVE)
1145Child and Adolescent PsychiatryIn an Insecure World Breath-Based Practices Promote Secure Attachment, Social/Emotional Development, and Stress Resilience(LIVE)
1021Child and Adolescent PsychiatryDialectical Behavioral Therapy With Adolescents: Fostering a Ninja Mindset(LIVE)
1077Child and Adolescent PsychiatryFriend, Frenemy, or Foe: The Role of Adolescent Social Media Use in Race Based Trauma(LIVE)
9165Child and Adolescent PsychiatryPediatric Mental Health Inequities: The Hidden Crisis During the COVID Pandemic
9044Community Psychiatry(Almost) 50 Years of Community Psychiatry(LIVE)
1219Community PsychiatryWhy Blaming Violence on Mental Illness Is Misleading: A Call for Multifaceted and Evidence-Based Strategies to Reduce Gun Violence(LIVE)
9129Community PsychiatryPresidential Town Hall: The Assessment of Psychiatric Bed Needs in the U.S.(LIVE)
9039Community PsychiatryLatinx/Hispanic Communities and Mental Health: Identifying Barriers to Access and Potential Solutions During Unsettled Times(LIVE)
9155Community PsychiatryNAMI Initiatives During COVID and Social Justice
9169Community PsychiatryCan We Create Sustainability of Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC)?
9177Community PsychiatryRural and Frontier CSC Considerations to Address Trauma and Race
1232Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry“Why Can’t They Just Go to Psychiatry?” Changing Attitudes Toward Patients With Challenging Behaviors on an Inpatient Pediatrics Unit(LIVE)
9070Consultation-Liaison PsychiatryPopulation-Based Approaches for Patients in Medical Settings: Delivering More Equitable Care?(LIVE)
1391Consultation-Liaison PsychiatryMedical Conditions Mimicking Psychiatric Disorders Versus Psychiatric Disorders Mimicking Medicine Conditions: Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges(LIVE)
9099Depressive DisordersKetamine for Depression: Is the Hype Holding Up? Mechanisms and Evidence(LIVE)
9106Depressive DisordersDepression in Families: Clinical Opportunities for Breaking the Cycle of Transmission(LIVE)
1029Depressive DisordersSuffering in Silence: Uncovering the Prevalence of Major Depression Amongst Black Men in Specific Impoverished Areas(LIVE)
1410Diagnosis/AssessmentEnhancing Use of the DSM-5 Outline for Cultural Formulation: Linking Social Determinants of Mental Health to Structural Competency Through v Codes(LIVE)
1455Diversity and Health EquityStructural Racism in Psychiatry: The Past Is Driving the Present(LIVE)
AM430Diversity and Health EquityJohn Fryer Award(LIVE)
9090Diversity and Health EquityPresidential Town Hall on Structural Racism #5: Annual Update(LIVE)
9157Diversity and Health EquityAdvocacy for Health Equity in Diverse Populations
1388Diversity and Health EquityLatinx 2021: Solving the Dilemma(LIVE)
9115Diversity and Health EquityThe Self-Assessment for Modification of Anti-Racism Tool (SMART): Addressing Structural Racism in Community Mental Health(LIVE)
9031Diversity and Health EquityAsian American Mental Health and Racism During and Post Covid-19(LIVE)
9107Diversity and Health EquityStructural Racism and Psychiatric Training: Barriers to Equity and Ongoing Interventions(LIVE)
1224Diversity and Health EquityUsing Motivational Interviewing to Improve Medical and Behavioral Health Outcomes in Under Served Communities(LIVE)
AM425Diversity and Health EquityKun-Po Soo Award(LIVE)
9156Diversity and Health EquityThrough the Looking Glass: Lessons Learned on the Campaign Trail and Exploring the Future of APA Elections
9172Diversity and Health EquityCultural and Contextual Considerations in the Early Identification of Risk for Psychosis
9173Diversity and Health EquityEducation and Training to Address Behavioral Health Disparities
9176Diversity and Health EquityRace, Culture, and Diagnosis of Psychosis
9179Diversity and Health EquityThe Setup: Pathways to Coordinated Specialty Care for Racial/Ethnic Minorities
9180Diversity and Health EquityTowards an Inclusive Practice: Creating Safe Spaces in Supervision and Interprofessional Teams to Address Inequities and Optimize the Delivery of Beha
9185Diversity and Health EquityRacial and Cultural Mental Health Disparities, Early Psychosis, and the Effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health
1056Eating DisordersDieting to Win, Be Thin, and Feel Comfortable in My Own Skin: Disordered Eating in Athletes(LIVE)
1034Emergency PsychiatryCrisis Coordination With Law Enforcement: To CIT and Beyond!(LIVE)
1158Emergency PsychiatryExcited Delirium Syndrome: An Excuse or a Diagnosis?(LIVE)
9110Emergency PsychiatryRedeployed: Accounts From Psychiatrists Redeployed During the Initial Phases of the Covid-19 Pandemic(LIVE)
1027EthicsEthical Dilemmas in Psychiatric Practice(LIVE)
1049Ethics“Will You Let Me Die?”: Terminality and Treatment Futility in Psychiatry(LIVE)
9142EthicsTherapeutic Misconception in Clinical Research: A Psychiatrist’s 40-Year Journey(LIVE)
9125Forensic PsychiatryUnderstanding and Transforming the Current Competence to Stand Trial System(LIVE)
1075Forensic PsychiatryPsychiatry in the Courts: APA Confronts Legal Issues of Concern to the Field(LIVE)
9181Forensic PsychiatryWorkforce Development: Core Competencies and the Intersection of Criminal Justice, Disparities, and Early Psychosis
9037Gender and SexualityPsychotherapeutic Approaches to Sexual Problems(LIVE)
1444Gender and SexualityGetting Animated in a Queer New World: Steven Universe as a Socially Conscious Cartoon for Exploring and Understanding Sexuality and Gender Diversity(LIVE)
9036Gender and SexualityHealth Policy and LGBTQ Mental Health(LIVE)
1227Gender and SexualityLGBTQ+ Medical Students and Applying to Psychiatry Residency(LIVE)
9030Geriatric PsychiatryCaring for Older Adults With Mental Health Disorders and Dementia: American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic(LIVE)
9051Global, Political, and Social IssuesSocial Justice and Human Rights for Individuals With Mental Illnesses(LIVE)
9160Global, Political, and Social IssuesThe Caravan Moves on: From Solomon Carter Fuller to Psychiatry in the 21st Century
9049Global, Political, and Social IssuesEngaging for Action With “A Psychiatrist’s Guide to Advocacy”(LIVE)
1315Global, Political, and Social IssuesCovid-19 Pandemic and After: What Social Psychiatry Can Offer?(LIVE)
9028Global, Political, and Social IssuesA Simple Method to Ensure Creative Problem Solving in Healthcare Service Delivery(LIVE)
9063Global, Political, and Social IssuesThe Climate Crisis and Mental Health: What Will You Do?(LIVE)
9100Global, Political, and Social IssuesThe Psychology of Racism and Nonviolence(LIVE)
1466Global, Political, and Social IssuesDouble Jeopardy, Muslim Mental Heath Provider: Facing Xenophobia, Navigating Burnout and Focus on Wellness(LIVE)
9122Global, Political, and Social IssuesTell Me Something Good(LIVE)
AM497Global, Political, and Social IssuesA Conversation with Congresswoman Maxine Walters (LIVE)
9162Global, Political, and Social IssuesThe Politics of Health Policy: Integrating Racial Justice Into Health Care and Clinical Research
1209Global, Political, and Social IssuesAsian American Psychiatrists in the Time of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter
1333Global, Political, and Social IssuesChaos on Campus: Challenges in University and College Student Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic, a National and International Perspective
1336Global, Political, and Social IssuesLet’s Talk About War: A Discussion on the Place of Armed Conflicts in the Psychiatric Curriculum
9174Global, Political, and Social IssuesEquitably Financing Coordinated Specialty Care: Strategies for Sustainability
1409Integrated and Collaborative CareUnprecedented Access to Psychiatry: Expand Your Impact to Infinity and Beyond! Collaborative Care, Econsults, and Echo Models(LIVE)
9118Integrated and Collaborative CareEducating and Supporting the Mental Health Workforce(LIVE)
9112Integrated and Collaborative CareMedicine in Psychiatry: What Do We Need to Know?(LIVE)
AM620International CollaborationsAdvancing Ethics and Equity in Psychiatry: Perspectives from the Royal College of Psychiatrists(LIVE)
1186International CollaborationsInternational Research Collaborations in Global Psychiatry and Mental Health: The World Early Career Psychiatrists’ Think Tank(LIVE)
1311International Medical Graduates (IMGs)The IMG Journey: Snapshots Across the Professional Lifespan(LIVE)
1253Military/Veterans and Their FamiliesEmpathy, Therapeutic Rapport, and Military Service: How Our Personal Journey Into Psychiatry Impacts Our Practice(LIVE)
1113Military/Veterans and Their FamiliesOperational Mental Health Implications During the Covid-19 Pandemic for Active Duty Army Units(LIVE)
1202Neurocognitive DisordersPsychosis in Dementia or Dementia in Psychosis? A Clinical Approach to Late-Life Psychosis and Cognitive Decline(LIVE)
9053NeuropsychiatryMedical Mimics of Psychiatric Disorders After TBI(LIVE)
AM484Neuroscience and GeneticsNeurobiology(LIVE)
1255Obsessive-Compulsive and Related DisordersTreatment of Severe Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders: What Do You Do If First-Line Treatments Don’t Work?(LIVE)
1010OtherFinding Mood Equity Through Broader Lithium Use
1011OtherAffect Needs No Limbic System: What an Octopus May Teach Psychiatrists About Mood Disorders
1013Other“Nowhere to Turn: Sexual Trauma in Vulnerable Migrant Youth”
1014OtherDeveloping a Suicide Specific Treatment Program in Your Health Care Setting
1015OtherPatient Suicide Loss: Prevalence, Impact, and Practical Support Resources for Psychiatric Providers
1016OtherPropelling Change With CBT for Young Patients and Families in the Peri-Pandemic Period: Clinical Work in the Express Lane
1018OtherMy Personal and Professional Journey through Autism: Update on Autism Treatment through the Lifespan
1019OtherRace, Religion, and Equity: Implications for Psychiatry
1020OtherThe Relevance of Virtues in Psychiatric Practice
1022Other“But Everybody Is Doing It!” Talking Psychotherapy Integration in Residency Training
1023OtherEmotional and Behavioral Impact of Covid-19 on Young People and Their Families: Clinically Handy Information for the Peri-Pandemic Period
1024OtherPandemic Parenting: Impact of Covid-19 on Work-Life Balance for Psychiatrists
1031OtherResponding to the Impact of Suicide on Clinicians
1035OtherTelepsychiatry in New York City Homeless Shelters During the Covid 19 Pandemic
1038OtherLeadership Training for Trainees by Trainees
1041OtherNavigating the Therapeutic Space: How New Understanding of Fundamental Mechanisms Supports Psychotherapeutic Work
1043OtherER Psychiatry 101: Standards, Solutions, and Safety
1045OtherThe Successful Job Search: From Presentation to Closing the Deal
1046OtherThe Psychedelic Renaissance and Its Forensic Implications: Violence Risk Assessment and Evaluation Considerations
1047OtherComparative Effectiveness of Medication Strategies for Treatment Resistant Depression in Late-Life: Results From the Optimum Study
1050OtherThe Virtual Couch: Preparing Residents for the Fundamentals of Remote Psychotherapy
1051OtherManaging Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia During Covid 19: A Clinician’s Guide
1058OtherShould Psychotherapy Become a Subspecialty of Psychiatry? Opportunities, Pitfalls, and the U.K. Experience
1063OtherThe Carbon Footprint of Cancelling the APA, a Virtual Match, and More: Impacts of Psychiatric Activity on Global Warming
1066OtherOrganizational Ethics in Psychiatric Practice
1068OtherAssessing Competency in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
1069OtherClimate Change and Mental Health: Research Gaps and Priorities
1071OtherA Paradigm Shift: Recovery Education for Adults Experiencing Homelessness
1072OtherSocial Psychiatry: Current Challenges and Future Directions
1073OtherBuilding Hope: Scenes From a Global Mental Health Journey
1076OtherBidden or Unbidden: Spirituality in Forensic, Child, and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
1080OtherManaging Racist Patients: Exploring a Physician’s Options When Caring for Racist Patients
1082OtherConversion Therapy in the United States: Personal and Quantitative Perspectives
1084OtherThe Perils of a Pandemic: Results From a Survey on the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Resident Well-Being
1086OtherCaring for Refugee Youth Experiencing Homelessness: Examining Mental Health & Resilience Research
1087OtherCan I Make a Career-and a Living-Working With Homeless Mentally Ill Individuals? Part 1
1093OtherVirtual Intergenerational Programs: A Bridge for Sharing Wisdom and Connectedness in a Distanced World
1095OtherHot Topics in Perinatal Mental Health
1098OtherNavigating the Academic Path for International Medical Graduates: Which Pathway Is Right for Me?
1099OtherA Toxic Brew: The Incarceration Nation, Persons With Mental Illness, and the Impact of Covid-19
1100OtherWhen the Supervisor Needs a Supervisor: Your Guide to Training Supervisors in Best Practices
1101OtherThe Burden Is Ours: Supporting General Psychiatrists in Engaging Youth and Families in Substance Use Treatment
1102OtherWhat’s in a Name: Exploring Benefits and Dangers of Categorizing Problematic Interactive Media Use as Addiction
1104Other“Doctor, are you sure I am bipolar?” Challenges in the differential diagnosis of bipolar disorder
1106OtherHybrid Psychiatric Care and the Return of the (Virtual) Home Visit
1109OtherMaking Sense of Antipsychiatry in the 21st Century: What Psychiatrists Need to Know
1110OtherMurder by Text Message: Psychiatric Implications of Commonwealth v. Carter
1111OtherFinding Depression Biomarkers: Inflammatory Signals, MicroRNA, and Neuroimaging Across Adolescent, Post-Partum and General Adult Populations
1112OtherDisclosing the Diagnosis of Dementia (Major Neurocognitive Disorder): The Science, the Art, and the Ethics
1114OtherUsed Car Sales and the Nocebo Effect: How to Improve a Patient’s Response to Psychotropic Medication
1115OtherTrailblazing in the Forgotten Forest: Stories From Recent Early Career Psychiatrist-Psychotherapists Finding Training and Building Skills
1117OtherGetting Involved in State Legislative Advocacy: A Primer for Mental Health Providers
1118OtherCountering Suicide and Burnout in Physicians-in-Training: The Role of a Concierge Mental Health Service
1120OtherStigma and Mental Illness: Using the 2019 Film Joker to Illustrate Portrayals of Mental Illness in Popular Culture
1121OtherAsian American Mental Health: Survival in the Dual Pandemics of 2020
1123OtherCognitive-Behavior Therapy for Anxiety Disorders
1124OtherAn Overview of Best Outpatient Practice in the Care of Transgender Individuals
1125OtherLessons Learned: How Clinical Experiences From the Covid-19 Pandemic Can Improve Care in Correctional Psychiatry
1128OtherMentorship in Residency Using Permaculture: Preventing Burnout in a Complex System
1131OtherExperiential: Mind-Body Practices for Rapid Stress Relief During and after the Virtual COVID World
1133OtherOutrunning the Bullet: The Physician’s Role in Firearm Violence and Mass Shootings
1137OtherSSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR): Enabling Access in a Disabled System
1139OtherIncreasing Scholarly Activity Among Residents Through a Chief Resident for Research
1141OtherForgotten No More: Intellectual and Developmental Disability Psychiatry 2021 Update
1142OtherTransgender-Affirming Care: What Every Psychiatrist Should Know
1143OtherDazed and Detained: Pediatric Sleep Issues in Correctional Facilities
1146OtherAJP Residents’ Journal: Advancing the Future of Trainee Scholarship
1148OtherFaith Communities and the Well-Being of LGBT Youth
1149OtherRiding the Wave: Navigating Around Alternative Facts About the Role of Long-Term Psychotherapy in Psychiatry
1150OtherLoneliness Versus Compassion in the Covid-19 Era
1154OtherMoral Injury and Covid-19: Challenges for Today, Implications for Tomorrow
1155OtherBuilding an Addiction Medicine Practice-Based Research-Based Network (AMNet)
1156OtherFood for “Thought”: Mindful Nutrition and Mental Health
1160OtherLife in the Time of Covid: Study of the Pandemic Impact on a Sample of Participants in Alcohol Use Disorder Studies
1161OtherBuilding Resilience Amidst Covid-19: The UCSF Coping and Resilience Program
1164Other“Are You My Mother?” Unwanted and Nowhere to Go: Challenges With International Adoptions
1165OtherTechnology Gap During Covid-19: Disparity Impact on Student Learning and Mental Health
1166OtherSustainable Behavioral Health Integration: Your Solution During Covid-19 and Future Pandemics
1167OtherBehavioral Health Work Group: Multidisciplinary Approach to Advancing Quality Behavioral Healthcare Pre/Post-Covid in a Major Academic Health System
1168OtherNicotine Use Cessation: A Psychopharmacology Algorithm
1170OtherUpdates from the Council on Psychiatry and the Law 2021
1171OtherCultural Psychiatry With Children, Adolescents, and Families
1172OtherMaking the Grade: How to Successfully Implement Equitable Telepsychiatry With College Students
1173Other“to Thine Own Self Be True”: Ethics, Professionalism, Religion/Spirituality, Diversity, and Child Psychiatry in the Covid-19 Era
1175OtherIntroduction to Food Addiction
1178OtherPatient Suicide in Residency Training: The Ripple Effect
1179OtherLess Is More: Approaches to Deprescribing in a Variety of Geriatric Practice Settings
1180OtherGiving Back: When Psychiatrists With Lived Experience Reach Out to Their Peers
1181OtherCaspering and Covid: What Every Psychiatrist Should Know About Rejection in the World of Online Dating
1182OtherPsychiatric Aspects Associated With Domestic Mass Shootings and Terrorism
1183OtherNeurocognitive and Decision-Making Impairments in Patients With Comorbid Diabetes Mellitus and Depression
1198OtherHow to Provide Trauma Informed Care Within the World of Social Injustice and the Covid-19 Pandemic: College Mental Health Experience
1199OtherNavigating the Path to Equity Within Academic Institutions: Applying the Evidence and Trainee Experiences to Collaboratively Build Best Practices
1201OtherMental Health Reimbursement and Its Implications for Patients, Providers, and Policy Makers
1203OtherGrabbing the Third Rail: Race and Racism in Clinical Documentation
1204OtherProblem Based Learning: An Innovative Approach to Teach Psychopharmacology by the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology
1207OtherClimate Change and Mental Health Part 2: Vulnerable Populations and Workforce Needs
1210OtherClinical Approaches for Reproductive Psychiatry
1211OtherImproving Schizophrenia Treatment Outcome: New Data and New Strategies
1212OtherEthical Challenges in Psychiatric Management of College Students
1214OtherThat’s Just the Way It Is: An Exploration of the Power in Using Hip-Hop to Process Racial Trauma
1218OtherUpdating the DSM: Report From the DSM Steering Committee
1220OtherManaging a Grief and Depression Pandemic in the Wake of Covid-19
1221OtherEquity Through Better Diagnostic Reasoning: Reducing Cognitive Biases in Clinical Practice
1225OtherTackling the Metabolic Syndrome Disparities in Your Patients: Prevention and Management Strategies for Busy Psychiatrists
1231OtherEmpowering Trainees to Engage in Scholarly Work and Leadership Role
1236OtherNot a Doctor, Just an MD: Considerations After an Unsuccessful Match
1239OtherBlack, Brown, and Blue: A Discussion of the Health Effects and Racism Experienced by Minorities Working in Law Enforcement
1240OtherFinding Your Match: The Process of Obtaining Residency Positions
1242OtherCovid-19 and Mental Health: Vulnerable Populations and Behavior Management Strategies
1243OtherClimate Psychiatry: What Every Psychiatrist Should Know
1244OtherTeaching Sociocultural Psychiatry: A Head-on Process
1245OtherI’m Cured! Myths and Realities of CBD, Psychedelics, and MDMA
1250OtherMental Health App Evaluation and Application: Updating the APA’s Framework and Novel Approaches to Mobile App Use
1254OtherIdentifying Factors Creating the Historically Unequal Impact of Disasters Including Covid-19 Upon Marginalized Communities
1257OtherLeave No One Behind: Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges of Telepsychiatry in the College Population
1258OtherAdvancing Quality and Safety in Unsettled Times: Challenges and Opportunities in Building Equity Through Psychiatric Morbidity and Mortality Review
1259OtherTardive Dyskinesia Primer for Resident Physicians: Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Etiology, Neurobiology, and Evidence-Based Treatment
1267OtherHigh Yield Psychopharmacology: A Master Class
1268OtherPsychotherapy Supervision in the Era of Covid-19 and Telehealth: Shifts in the Frame
1269OtherModernizing Urban Settings for Mental Health
1270OtherMaking the Invisible Visible: Art, Identity, and Hierarchies of Power
1273OtherTroubled Waters: Maintaining Wellness While Navigating Malpractice Lawsuits and Other Occupational Hazards
1276OtherFinding Equity Through Advancing Social Justice in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
1278OtherSeeking Equity: Discussing Racism in Psychotherapy in the Aftermath of George Floyd and in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic
1280OtherGood Psychiatric Management for Adolescents With Borderline Personality Disorder (GPM-A)
1281OtherBrief Action Planning (BAP): A Highly Structured and Pragmatic, Versatile Motivational Interviewing Adherent (MIA) Tool for Telemedicine and Beyond
1285OtherDanger! Danger! Discharging a Duty to Warn
1287Other“App”titude: Integrating Review of Social Media in Psychiatric Evaluation
1289OtherTo Return or Not Return: Who Really Controls the Controlled Meds Upon Discharge? Reviewing Legal and Ethical Dilemmas: Autonomy Versus Beneficence?
1290OtherThe Interface Between Catatonia and Melancholic Depression: Exploring a New Paradigm for Evaluation and Treatment
1292OtherApplying a Racial Equity Lens to Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic
1294OtherEmbracing Holism in Mental Healthcare: Integrative Psychiatry for Managing Mood Disorders
1297OtherPotential Interactions of 11 Novel Covid-19 Treatments With All Psychiatric Medications: A Clinical Perspective
1298OtherEthical and Humanitarianism Considerations in Global Mental Health and Further Implications Under Covid-19
1299OtherPredicting the Future of Global Mental Health: Implications During Covid-19 and Post Covid-19
1300OtherMixed States in Mood Disorders: An Update on Recent Research for Clinical Practice
1303OtherLessons Learned From Covid-19: Significantly Reducing the Number of Individuals With Mental Illness Involved With the Criminal Justice System
1304Other“Never Have I Ever”: A Netflix Case Study in Identity Development, Grief, and Resilience in South Asian-American Adolescents
1305OtherDe Facto School Segregation: A Form of Structural Racism as a Social Determinant of Mental Health
1308OtherPsychiatric Electroceutical Interventions for Treatment-Resistant Depression: Clinical Opportunities, Barriers, and Ethical Considerations
1309OtherRoadmap to Psychiatry Residency for International Medical Graduates
1313Other21st-Century Psychiatrists in Social Media: Research, Advocacy, Networking, Intervention
1314OtherImpact of Covid-19 on Women’s Mental Health: How Latinx/Hispanic America Is Addressing Socio Economic Disparities?
1325OtherRecognizing ADHD in Physician-Patients: Impact of ADHD on Practicing Medicine, Medical Education, Patient Care and Physician Wellness
1327OtherPromoting Resilience During the Covid19 and Racial Injustice Pandemics: Culturally-Attuned, Resilience-Focused Clinical Care and Supervision on Campus
1329OtherThe Farewell: A Discussion of Culture in Psychiatry, Bereavement, and Patient Autonomy
1331OtherPerspectives in the Assessment of Patients With Serious Mental Illness to Consent to Treatment
1335OtherWho Are We Missing? Issues Related to Non-Disclosure of Suicidality
1337OtherEducation to Overturn Inequities: Residency Education in Structural Competency
1338OtherNew Guideline Recommendations for Strengthening Psychiatric Practice
1339OtherHow Do Psychiatrists Use Social Media Effectively and Responsibly for Advocacy?
1340OtherThrough the Looking Glass and Back Again: Psychedelics-History, Pharmacology, and the Clinical Renaissance
1341OtherHealing Our Healers: Management of Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers With Burnout and Other Psychiatric Conditions
1343OtherSo IV Ketamine Worked for Treatment Resistant Depression: What Next?
1346OtherCalling All Future CAPS: Step Into the Workforce of Tomorrow Through Lessons From Today on Cultural Empathy and Advocacy
1349OtherImproving Trainee Well-Being: What Works and What Doesn’t
1351OtherLatinas in Psychiatry: The Importance of Mentorship and Training
1353OtherPrescribing Apps 101: A Primer for Psychiatrists on Integrating Technology Based Interventions
1356OtherMicro-Dosing of Buprenorphine: Bypassing Withdrawal and Maximizing Success
1358OtherAdd Zing to Your Zoom! Making Your Presesentations Pop From a Distance
1359OtherSocial Media for Psychiatrists: An Introduction
1361OtherMunchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Detecting, Evaluating, and Treating Individuals in a Clinical and in the Court Settings
1362OtherCGME CLER Pathways 1.1: Implementing the Guidelines on Well-Being, Preparing Your Program for Change
1363OtherSex and Paperwork: The Ethics of Identification Documents That Misidentify One’s Sex and Gender
1364OtherSocial Unrest and Mental Health: A Global Challenge- on Behalf of the World Association of Social Psychiatry
1366OtherAssisted Dying and Challenges With Mental Illnesses: Ethics, Evidence and Impacts
1367OtherInternational Medical Graduates’ (IMG) Lifespan, Part 1: Overcoming Barriers to Creating a Diverse Workforce
1368OtherCan You Hear Me Now? Telepsychiatry During Global Pandemic and Impact on Resident Training
1369OtherCrouching Tiger, Hidden Identities: LGBTQ Asian American Mental Health
1373OtherElectroconvulsive Therapy: Using Simulation Techniques for Training Psychiatry Residents
1374OtherTechnology Meets the Streets: Utilizing mHealth to Optimize Homeless Psychiatry in the Time of Covid
1377OtherTerror, Tactics and Trauma: Implications of Islamophobia for Psychiatrists
1381OtherIMPROV-Ing Wellness: A Novel Pilot Study Using Improv as a Wellness Activity for Medical Trainees
1383OtherThis Is Us: An AADPRT Study on the Transformation of Diversity and Inclusion Across the National Academic Landscape
1384OtherTransforming Psychological Trauma Through Mind-Body Skills: An Evidence-Based Approach for Individuals, Groups, and Communities
1385OtherBlueprint for Rapid Adoption of Telehealth in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services During Covid-19 Pandemic
1392Other“Who’s in Charge? Medications for Addiction Treatment and the Criminal Justice System
1395OtherThe Impact of Racial Injustice on Community Trust and Quality Healthcare
1399OtherInternational Medical Graduates’ Lifespan, Part II: Scope and Challenges After Training During the Time of Need for Diversity and Equity
1401OtherSocial Media for Mental Health and Healthcare Leaders
1403Other“Sure, You Can Sit in”: Adapting Medical Student, Resident, and Fellow Education to the New Digital Era
1406OtherMental Health Among Us: Sharing Our Stories to Close the Stigma Gap in Physician Well-Being
1408OtherOh Baby! Examining Parental Leave in Psychiatric Residency Training
1411OtherAntisocial Personality Disorder: A Diagnosis Whose Time Has Come?
1418OtherCritical Psychiatry 101: Engaging Diverse Perspectives
1422OtherFire and Rain: Climate Change and a Call to Action for Psychiatry to Address Mental Health for Special Populations
1423OtherCovid-19 and Black Lives Matter: Impact on Medical School Culture and Education
1425OtherAdvocacy for Anti-Racist Policies That Expand Equitable Access to Mental Health Care: The Role of the Psychiatrist
1429OtherKeys to Telepsychiatry in the Digital Covid Era: Compassionate, Culturally Safe, Cost-Effective and Equitable Care for the Underserved
1430OtherLeveraging Biomarkers for Predicting and Subtyping PTSD
1434OtherSexual Harassment in Medicine, Need for Bystander Intervention, and Additional Intersectional Challenges Faced by Minority Physicians
1435OtherInnovative Medical and Psychiatric Educational Approaches as an Avenue for Social Justice
1440OtherOld Is Gold: Digging Into Lithium
1446OtherMaybe He’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Make Believe: Learning to Recognize the Many Faces of Malingering
1450OtherWhy Psychiatry Side Gigs Become Critical During Uncertain Times
1452OtherWomen in Psychiatry: Preventing Backslide in Gender Equity From the Pandemic
1453OtherDetecting the Undetectable: Training Healthcare Providers in Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking
1458OtherCultural Considerations During Covid-19 in College Mental Health
1459OtherAt Risk: Integrating Mental Health, Law and Advocacy to Improve the Well-Being of Vulnerable Immigrant Populations
1472OtherWhen Old Becomes New: Evolutionary Medicine and Its Application to a Modern Psychiatry
8001OtherSchizophrenia, Past, Present and Future: From Catatonia and Catecholamine to Cats
9041OtherNeurobehavioral Sequelae of Frontal Lobe Damage in Children and Adults
9042OtherAn App Assessment: For Psychiatrists, Patients and Parents
9047OtherDissemination and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Care for Suicide Attempters in Japan
9048OtherPsychiatric Approaches Involved in the Treatment of Traumatized Refugees
9052OtherThe Future of Clinical Virtual Reality in Psychiatry
9055OtherThe Impact of Covid-19 and Pandemics on Mental Health
9057OtherIntimate Partner Violence: A Closer Look
9059OtherEquity in Health Care: Discrimination in Mental Health Care
9060OtherThe NIH BRAIN Initiative
9064OtherNovel Approaches to Addressing Mental Health Disparities: A Lifespan Perspective
9066OtherEducate and Empower-a Blueprint for Community Psychiatry: Trauma and the Community
9072OtherAccelerating Medicines Partnership: Schizophrenia
9074OtherNeurogenetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Hypodopaminergia in Reward Deficiency Syndrome: Genetic Addiction Risk Testing With Pro-Dopamine Regulation
9075OtherSkills for International Internet-Based Research in Psychiatry: A Primer Course by Early-Career Psychiatrists
9076OtherLow-Tech, High Impact Training in Community Mental Health
9077OtherYouth Anxiety: Up-to-Date Clinical Treatment and Research
9078OtherThe Journey to Use Medication Optimally to Support Recovery
9080OtherKalief Browder, Solitary Confinement, Rikers Island: Brutality and Reform
9082OtherThe Future of Psychiatric Practice: A closer look
9083OtherSupporting the Community During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Local State National and International Perspectives
9085OtherDeep Brain Stimulation for Depression: Progress, Setbacks, and Possibilities
9087OtherUS-China Collaboration to Advance Mental Health Service and Research in China
9092OtherTreatment of Postpartum Traumatic Stress in Parents of Premature Infants
9093OtherTelepsychiatry-What the Future Holds: A Risk Management Perspective
9094OtherResults From the 2019 APA Resident/Fellow Census: Implications for the Future Psychiatric Workforce
9095OtherSOAR to Health and Wellness
9096OtherPsychiatry’s Role in Ending the Criminalization of Mental Illness
9102OtherPsychiatry While Black: Conversations on Being an Advocate for Black Patients and Colleagues
9105OtherIntroducing DSM-5-TR (Text Revision)
9111OtherFrom Diversity and Beyond
9113OtherSocial (In)Justice and Mental Health
9114OtherStructural Competency and Psychiatry
9116OtherMilitary Veterans and Psychiatry
9119OtherBrain Networks in Psychiatric Disorders
9120OtherReflections on Race, Medicine, and Psychiatry in the Time of Covid-19
9124OtherMental Health Status of African Americans: Challenges and Opportunities
9126OtherPsilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy for Treatment Resistant Depre
9130OtherManaging Severe Eating Disorders: What Tips the Scale in Favor of Futility Versus Traditional Components of Care?
9131OtherThe Insurrection at the US Capitol: Its Symbols, Meaning, and Impact on BIPOC–Focus on Indigenous Perspective
9132OtherFour Health Care Systems, Four Ways of Coping: The Frontier of Physician Mental Health in the Time of Covid
9134OtherThe Role of Psychiatry in Lifting the Veil: Recognizing and Relieving the Suffering Associated With Infertility
9140OtherEducate and Empower-a Blueprint for Community Psychiatry: Repairing the Community
9141OtherCultivating Future Generations of APA Leadership
9144OtherAdvancing Ethics and Equity in Psychiatry: Perspectives from the Royal College of Psychiatrists
9145OtherWPA’s and APA’s Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Part 1
9146OtherMind, Brain and Culture: Toward an Ecosocial Psychiatry
9147OtherThe Clinical High Risk Syndrome for Psychosis: Past, Present, and Future
9148OtherWPA’s and APA’s Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Part 2
9149OtherSupporting Medical Directors in Behavioral Health Clinics
9150OtherSupporting ECPs and RFMs in Their Careers and Beyond
9151OtherAt the Interface of Science and Society: Integrating Neuroscience into Modern Psychiatry
9152OtherJohn Fryer, M.D. American Civil Rights Icon: How the APA Bent the Arc of Justice
9153OtherSaving Which Asians? One or Many at a Time: Clinically, Legally, Through Media and Live Theatre
AM405OtherNIHR Clinical lecturer in Neuropsychiatry
AM489OtherTrauma and healing in the community
AM621OtherSubstance Use Disorders
AM628OtherMaintenance of Certification (MOC)
AM831OtherWhite Privilege, Male Privilege, Straight Privilege
1089Pain ManagementTreating Invisible Wounds: Psychiatry Meets Pain Management(LIVE)
1246Patient SafetyImproving Sexual Safety in Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities(LIVE)
1302Personality DisordersCognitive Behavior Therapy for Personality Disorders(LIVE)
9054Physician Well-Being and BurnoutPhysician Well-Being: ‘Good Stuff’ During Covid-19(LIVE)
1261Physician Well-Being and BurnoutAvoid Burnout and Improve Outcomes Through Motivational Interviewing as a Core Communication Style(LIVE)
1092Practice ManagementScope of Practice: The Evolution of Physician-Only Paradigm in Psychiatry(LIVE)
9088PsychoanalysisA Psychoanalytic Exploration of the Role of Law Enforcement in State Sanctioned Dehumanization and Civil Unrest(LIVE)
9123PsychopharmacologyDeveloping Rapidly Acting Antidepressants: Neurosteroids, Dissociative Agents (Ketamine Analogues and Psilocybin), and Accelerated Theta Burst r-TMS(LIVE)
9108PsychopharmacologyThe Challenge of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics in Later Life(LIVE)
1096PsychopharmacologyClozapine Clinic: The Need of the Hour(LIVE)
9103PsychopharmacologyEthnicity, Culture, and Psychopharmacology(LIVE)
1055PsychopharmacologyMedical Cannabis: What Psychiatrists Should Know
9182PsychopharmacologyInterdisciplinary Perspectives on Psychopharmacological Educations
9032PsychotherapyThe Future of Psychodynamics, Psychotherapy, and Psychoanalysis(LIVE)
9027PsychotherapyPsychodynamic Lessons From the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic(LIVE)
9161PsychotherapyPsychotherapy for Psychosis: Perspectives on Current Interventions and Future Directions
1235PsychotherapyFocus Is the Secret Sauce in Effective Psychodynamic Therapy: A Pragmatic Clinician’s Workshop(LIVE)
9043PsychotherapyDynamic Supportive Psychotherapy: Strategies and Techniques for Psychiatric Practice(LIVE)
1192Quality and Outcome StudiesMeasuring Quality and Equity of Mental Health Care: Existing Challenges and Future Opportunities(LIVE)
9073Quality and Outcome StudiesExpanding Access to Measurement Based Care: Evidence and Policy Initiatives That Incentivize Quality Care and Health Equity(LIVE)
9117Religion and Spirituality PsychiatryReligion and Mental Health: Past, Present, Future(LIVE)
9139Religion and Spirituality PsychiatrySpecial Things in Religion and Psychiatry(LIVE)
9045Residents, Fellows, and Medical StudentsWhat to Do With the Rest of My Life? Career Tips for Launching Psychiatrists(LIVE)
AM616Residents, Fellows, and Medical StudentsSupporting ECP’s and RFM’s in Their Careers and Beyond(LIVE)
9121Residents, Fellows, and Medical StudentsThelonious Monk, Pepé Le Pew, and Me: Adventures in Medical Education(LIVE)
1463Residents, Fellows, and Medical StudentsProviding Equitable Healthcare to Marginalized Groups Via Student-Run Mental Health Clinics: Approaches, Advantages and Challenges During Covid-19(LIVE)
9050Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic DisordersThe History of the Development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis(LIVE)
AM431Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic DisordersAlexander Gralnick Award for Research in Schizophrenia(LIVE)
9067Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic DisordersFirst Episode Psychosis(LIVE)
9170Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic DisordersCompassion-Focused Support for Staff in Early Psychosis Services
9171Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic DisordersContinuity of Care in Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC): Federal and Programmatic Perspectives
9186Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic DisordersThe Early Psychosis Intervention Network Core Assessment Battery: Tools and Resources for Building an Early Psychosis Learning Health Care Partnership
1105Sleep-Wake DisordersThe Impact of Sleep on Geriatric Mental Health: Research Findings in Schizophrenia, Affective Disorders, and Cognitive Disorders(LIVE)
1348Somatic Treatments (ECT, rTMS, DBS, etc.)Equity & Building an Interventional Treatment Decision Tree(LIVE)
1097Suicide and Risk EvaluationCognitive-Behavior Therapy for Reducing Suicide Risk(LIVE)
1054Suicide and Risk EvaluationThe Suicidal Physician: Narratives From a Physician Who Survived and the Physician Widow of One Who Did Not(LIVE)
9056Suicide and Risk EvaluationEvidence-Based Treatment Approaches for Suicidal Adolescents(LIVE)
8000Suicide and Risk EvaluationAddressing Insomnia in Psychiatric Practice: A Modifiable Risk Factor for Suicidal Ideation(LIVE)
9068Suicide and Risk EvaluationSuicide Prevention Research for Underserved Youth: Approaches to Addressing the Challenges(LIVE)
1417Suicide and Risk EvaluationAiming for Clarity at the Murky Intersection of Mental Illness, Psychiatry and Firearm Ownership Rights(LIVE)
9163Suicide and Risk EvaluationRisk Assessment and Risk Tolerance: Redefining Dangerousness While Hope Hangs in the Balance
9104Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)Equity, Ethics, and Future Directions in Telepsychiatry(LIVE)
9136Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)Harnessing Digital Technology to Bring About Long-Term Recovery in First Episode Psychosis(LIVE)
1431Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)Zooming Through Covid-19: Achievements and Challenges in Telemental Health Services and Patient-Centered Treatment(LIVE)
9098Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)Three New Tools to Augment Care for People With Serious Mental Illness(LIVE)
1476Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Social Media Use for Professional Development and for Mental Health Research(LIVE)
9164Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)2021 Psychiatric Services Achievement Awards
1153Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)Remotely Out of Control: Psychiatrist in Foreign Territory
9178Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)Telehealth in the Time of COVID-19 for CSC Programs: Opportunities, Suggestions, and Considerations for Working with Diverse Populations
9183Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)Coordinated Specialty Care: Managing Teams Remotely During Times of Uncertainty and Change
9084Trauma- and Stressor-Related DisordersThe #MeToo Movement: Implications for Psychiatrists(LIVE)
9109Trauma- and Stressor-Related DisordersIndividual and Community Trauma: Impact, Risk, and Interventions(LIVE)
1108Trauma- and Stressor-Related DisordersPsychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD: Theory, Technique and Context(LIVE)
9040Trauma- and Stressor-Related DisordersDisaster Mental Health Epidemiology and Nosology: Perspectives From Three Decades of Research(LIVE)
9034Trauma- and Stressor-Related DisordersThe Role of Psychedelics in Psychiatry(LIVE)
AM420Trauma- and Stressor-Related DisordersJudd Marmor Award(LIVE)
9137Treatment (other non-pharmacological)Integrating Clinical Practice and Research(LIVE)
1032WellnessLate Career Physician Cognitive Screening: Policies, Practice, and Perspectives(LIVE)
9035WellnessNavigating Potential Pitfalls to Wellness for Psychiatrists(LIVE)
1312WellnessHelping the Helpers-Helping Healers Heal: Supporting Our Front Line Workers and Trainees During COVID-19
9154Women’s HealthBright Light Therapy for Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
8003Women’s HealthAdvancing Quality and Equity in Women’s Health Care: Practical Advice About Women’s Health From Four Generations of Women Psychiatrists(LIVE)

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